22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

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Pin on pregnancy folder Asociaciones entre el crecimiento prenatal y la antropometría materna en el Uruguay. We were unable to validate breastfeeding information, but the categorical reporting might 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart the degree of misclassification. The study was designed to recruit equal numbers of black and white women. The influence of obesity and gestational diabetes mellitus on accretion and the distribution of click tissue in pregnancy. Risks of excess weight in the mother include preeclampsia, venous thromboembolism, hypertension, gestational diabetes, postpartum hemorrhage and a greater chance of assisted vaginal delivery or caesarean section

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

All About Pregnancy & Weight Gain (Infographic): Find out what's considered healthy when 22 WeeksAll About PregnancyPregnancy Trimester Chart5 Weeks. Reference charts for weight gain and body mass index during pregnancy obtained At 12 weeks of pregnancy, BMI values of the 10th, 50th and 90th centiles The 12 studies published between March and February (21​, 22,24, In Latin America, the first weight gain charts for pregnant women were from healthy Chilean women from gestational week 10 onward with singleton, longitudinal charts (21,22), single weight gain targets for the entire pregnancy (2​.

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No associations were observed for moderate intensity exercise.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

In women with GDM, particularly overweight and obese women, vigorous intensity exercise during pregnancy may reduce the odds of excess GWG. Women with gestational diabetes mellitus GDMdefined as diabetes with first onset or recognition in pregnancy 3are at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes in the postpartum 2.

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  • Background: Studies suggest that gestational weight gain GWG and breastfeeding behavior may influence long-term maternal abdominal fat mass. However, this could be confounded by abdominal fat mass before pregnancy because it is unknown whether abdominal fat mass, independently of body size, affects GWG and breastfeeding behavior.
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Pregnancies affected by GDM face an increased risk of perinatal complications, including preeclampsia, excessive fetal growth 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart related birth injuries; children of GDM affected pregnancies are also at increased risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes 3. Inthe Institute of Medicine IOM released prepregnancy body mass index BMI specific recommendations for appropriate GWG to assist pregnant women in attaining healthier pregnancies through healthy diet and physical activity A Cochrane review found no significant differences in the frequency of GDM between pregnant women who participated in exercise interventions and those who did not A meta-analysis concluded that regular participation in moderate-intensity exercise during pregnancy was associated with a lower incidence of GDM and reduced maternal weight gain A Cochrane review of randomized trials conducted among pregnant women with and without GDM concluded that both exercise and diet interventions, as well as weight management interventions consisting of both components, reduce excessive GWG, and stated that the supporting evidence was high-quality Citing insufficient data on the effects of vigorous-intensity exercise 16click hereACOG and PAG advise 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart women who habitually participate in vigorous-intensity exercise can continue to do so during pregnancy, as long as they remain healthy and receive medical care.

To help fill the gaps in evidence, this observational cohort study examines the association of moderate- and vigorous-intensity sports and exercise, self-reported soon after the diagnosis of GDM, with rate of GWG from GDM diagnosis to the end of pregnancy, classified in accordance with the IOM recommendations This prospective cohort study is a secondary 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart of baseline i.

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All GEM women received telephone counseling on pregnancy glucose control in conjunction with clinical care, which included advising moderate-intensity exercise, specifically walking after meals.

All women 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart received mailed recommendations on diabetes prevention postpartum i. Women in the intervention arm additionally received a letter on link gestational weight gain sent shortly after the GDM diagnosis and were offered a Diabetes Prevention Program-derived lifestyle program consisting of 13 telephone sessions with lifestyle coaches between 6 weeks and 6 months postpartum In this setting, The PPAQ asked women to report time spent in a variety of population-specific activities over the past three months.

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Participants selected one of six categorical response options for the amount of time spent in each type of activity. The mid-point of the category selected i.

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MET values for walking and light to moderate-intensity household tasks came from field-based measurements among pregnant women 25 ; Compendium-based MET values 26 were used for all other activities. They were examined separately and are hereafter referred to as moderate exercise and vigorous exercise.


This domain was selected because the activities included are performed intentionally for health, wellness, or to increase fitness and result in energy expenditure beyond the demands of everyday living. Volume of moderate exercise was examined by tertile i.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

Less than a third of the cohort reported any participation in vigorous exercise, therefore it was examined as any versus none, and as none, low, and high to examine potential dose-response; the median volume among those reporting any participation in vigorous exercise 1. The EHR provided data on measured height and prepregnancy weight; prepregnancy BMI was calculated as the prepregnancy weight kg divided by the height msquared.

Data on potential confounders obtained from the 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart survey included age, parity, race-ethnicity, education, and household income.

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A semi-quantitative food frequency questionnaire, the Block 27estimated average daily intake of food energy kcals in the preceding three months. We 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart 39 women reporting implausible amounts of activity, specifically 33 women reporting over 24 hours of total activity per day including sedentary and light intensity activity and 6 women reporting over 3 hours of vigorous-intensity activity per week.

An additional 11 women missing late pregnancy weight measurements i.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

Lastly, 9 women missing height and 54 missing prepregnancy weight in the EHR were excluded, leaving 1, women For comparisons of continuous variables that were not normally distributed, medians [interquartile ranges IQR ] were calculated and compared, and differences assessed with Kruskal-Wallis tests. Levels of moderate and vigorous exercise were modeled as continuous variables to test for trend.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

Potential confounders, including age continuousprepregnancy BMI continuousparity nulliparous vs. Cohort characteristics by participation in moderate- and vigorous-intensity sports and exercise during pregnancy. For moderate exercise, the fully adjusted model included age, prepregnancy BMI, race-ethnicity, education, income, parity, energy intake, and the number of weeks between the weight measurements at GDM diagnosis and before delivery.

For vigorous exercise, the fully adjusted model included 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart, prepregnancy BMI, race-ethnicity, education, income, and the number of weeks between the weight measurements at GDM diagnosis and before delivery.

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To arrive at associations that were independent of increases in the volume of physical activity, total volume of physical activity continuous was added to both fully adjusted models 28 Potential effect modification by GEM treatment group usual care vs. All analyses were conducted in SAS version 9.

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The 1, eligible women included in this study completed the PPAQ at a median of The full cohort gained a median 0. Cohort characteristics, by participation in moderate and vigorous exercise, are presented in Table 1.

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Participation in moderate i. Table 3 presents the results of multinomial logistic regression models for the association of vigorous exercise and GWG, adjusted for age, prepregnancy BMI, race-ethnicity, education, income, the number of weeks between the weight measurements at GDM diagnosis and before delivery, and total volume of physical activity.

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In a large, diverse cohort of women with GDM, this study examined the impact of moderate and vigorous exercise on the average amount of weight gained per week from the GDM diagnosis to the end of pregnancy.

In the full cohort, vigorous exercise was associated with decreased odds of GWG above the recommended rate ranges as compared to no vigorous exercise during pregnancy.

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Women participating in vigorous exercise also reported higher total volume of physical activity, yet significant associations were observed between vigorous exercise and GWG independent of total volume of physical activity.

This suggests that the benefits of vigorous exercise 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart regards to second and third trimester GWG may extend beyond contributions to overall energy expenditure to other components of energy balance 3031such as increases in lipolysis, resting metabolic rate and post-exercise energy metabolism.

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In non-pregnant adults, vigorous exercise increases post-exercise energy metabolism and reduces fat deposition 31visceral adipose 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart accumulation in particular It 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart therefore plausible that vigorous exercise during pregnancy may impact GWG by increasing post-exercise energy metabolism and reducing the accumulation of adipose tissue Future research examining the impact of vigorous exercise during pregnancy on maternal metabolism, weight gain and fat accretion is needed, specifically among overweight and obese women with GDM.

We identified one quasi-experimental study in which treatment group was self-selected by 96 obese women with GDM Diet was compared to diet and exercise for pregnancy weight restriction and weight gain per week click here significantly lower with diet and exercise as compared to diet alone 15suggesting that, contrary to the current study, moderate exercise may play a role in reducing excessive GWG in obese women with GDM.

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Multiple trials have investigated the effects of exercise, primarily moderate intensity exercise, on GWG among 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart pregnant women. A Cochrane review of 49 randomized controlled trials comparing exercise interventions mostly moderate intensity exercise interventionsdiet interventions or weight management interventions consisting of both components concluded that there was high-quality evidence to suggest that all three intervention strategies reduced excessive GWG A meta-analysis also concluded participation in structured moderate-intensity exercise programs, particularly when the exercise was performed throughout pregnancy, was associated with less weight gain Consistent with the findings of the current study, observational studies of healthy pregnant women suggest that vigorous exercise may be associated with less excessive GWG 32 In a cohort of 1, women, article source minutes per day of vigorous activity in mid-pregnancy was significantly associated with reduced odds of excess GWG; associations with walking, moderate activity and total activity were non-significant upon adjustment chart confounding factors A cohort study of Norwegian women reported that those participating in vigorous-intensity recreational activity for a minimum of 20 minutes, once a week in the third trimester had lower GWG than inactive women, with no associations found for occupational or household activity Conversely, in a cohort of 1, Hispanic women, no type or intensity of physical activity, including vigorous exercise, performed in early, mid or late pregnancy was associated with GWG However, studies varied greatly in the types of activities 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart i.

  1. No associations were observed for moderate intensity exercise. In women with GDM, particularly overweight and obese women, vigorous intensity exercise during pregnancy may reduce the odds of excess GWG.
  2. I Universidad de Antioquia. Escuela de Nutricion y Dietetica.
  3. Week 2 Day 14 The egg is released from the ovary.
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    • Date August 5, June 18, Expectant mothers who gain large amounts of weight tend to give birth to heavier infants who are at higher risk for obesity later in life.

A limitation to the current study is the availability of a single physical activity assessment; we lack data on change in physical activity prompted by the diagnosis and clinical management of GDM, as well as reductions in go here activity with advancing gestation.

However, all women included in these analyses reported physical activity soon after the GDM diagnosis and the cohort uniformly received counseling on 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart control for GDM management 20which included recommendations for moderate exercise, particularly walking after meals. Therefore, acknowledging that the diagnosis and management of GDM leads to changes 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart exercise and diet that in turn impact GWG, our outcome is specific to the rate of GWG following the diagnosis of GDM and thus misclassification of the exposure is likely to be non-differential.

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Common challenges related to the measurement of physical activity also apply to the current study. Physical activity was based on an absolute measure of activity intensity; absolute measures, unlike relative measures such as perceived level of exertion, do not account for individual differences in factors impacting energy expenditure i.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

Our modifications 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart the PPAQ may have impacted the validity, but the PPAQ has been modified by others and continued to demonstrate expected associations, suggesting indirect validity.

Women with similar activity habits may also have quantified their activity differently on the questionnaire and social desirability bias may have led women to over-report physical activity.

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We lacked data on physical activity prior to pregnancy and could not assess potential effect modification by initiation of vigorous exercise during pregnancy versus the continuation of a prepregnancy 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart regime.

It should also be emphasized that all women in this study had GDM and our findings may not be generalizable to pregnant women free of this complication.

22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart

Strengths of the current study include its prospective design, as the assessment of and reference period for the exercise exposure preceded the GWG outcome. The analytic cohort was large and racially and ethnically diverse.

Das Datenblatt dieses Produkts wurde ursprünglich auf Englisch verfasst. Der Schlaf bietet dem Körper eine Pause.

The PPAQ included a wide variety of population-specific activities, such as prenatal exercise classes and carrying children. The use of clinically measured prepregnancy and pregnancy weights in the EHR for the calculation and classification of GWG following the GDM diagnosis additionally strengthen our analyses.

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In conclusion, the results of this study suggest that for women with GDM, particularly those who were overweight or obese prior to pregnancy, participation in vigorous 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart during pregnancy may reduce excessive GWG in the second and third trimesters, as defined by the prepregnancy BMI-specific rate ranges recommended by the IOM.

Current physical activity recommendations for pregnant women offer no specific guidance on participation in vigorous exercise 16 Additional studies, particularly accelerometry studies, are needed to validate these findings and inform clinical recommendations for the duration and frequency of vigorous exercise during pregnancy 22 weeks pregnant weight gain chart ensure safety and promote the health of pregnant women with GDM and their children.

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The authors have no relevant conflict of interest to disclose. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

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Matern Child Health J. Author manuscript; available in PMC Sep Samantha F.

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KrefmanBA, 1 Monique M. HeddersonPhD, 1 Susan D. Amy E.

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Monique M. Susan D.

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Charles P. Quesenberry, Jr.

Reference charts for weight gain and body mass index during pregnancy obtained At 12 weeks of pregnancy, BMI values of the 10th, 50th and 90th centiles The 12 studies published between March and February (21​, 22,24,

Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Corresponding Author: Samantha F.

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Copyright notice. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at Matern Child Health J.

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This article has been corrected. See Matern Child Health J.

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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Associated Data Supplementary Materials Appendix. Conclusions In women with GDM, particularly overweight and obese women, vigorous intensity exercise during pregnancy may reduce the odds of excess GWG.

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Keywords: Gestational diabetes mellitus, physical activity during pregnancy, moderate intensity exercise, vigorous intensity exercise, gestational weight gain. Introduction Women with gestational diabetes mellitus GDMdefined as diabetes with first onset or recognition in pregnancy 3are at high risk for developing type 2 diabetes in the postpartum 2.

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